Mountain View Studios Inc.

Sculpture Commissions

All of the bronze finishes that you see on this website are hand-painted by our talented staff here at MVS. We have perfected our standard metallic bronze painted finish but we can also go beyond our standard technique to create unique bronze finishes that are perfect for your specific piece. 

Bronze Painting

Other Animals and Designs

We can create nearly any item you need, from prototypes to architectural replicas to reptiles and more.

Our design department will work together with you to create the product you need in 3D form. We combine precision engineering with organic, sculptural details to bring your vision to life. We are excited to hear your ideas!

Other Painted Finishes


We can sculpt horses, other animals or nearly any shape or design that can then be molded, cast in resin, painted the color of your choice, and mounted on a base with engraved plates. Any number can be created, from one single piece to hundreds. We excel at taking your ideas, drawings or photos and recreating them exactly as you want them. 

We currently make horse show awards for many associations all over the U.S. as well as Australia and Canada. Let us bring that unique touch to your next horse show or year-end awards!

We are currently producing artist resin horses by Sheri Rhodes for the model horse hobby. We have many past editions still available, as well as some newer sculptures. Please browse the gallery and then visit our Online Store to order.

*Please note: Sheri is no longer accepting custom painting orders.

Sculpted replica of a Batchelder tile for the Hotel Hershey.

Gator 100 Award for University of Florida.

Artist Resin Horses by Sheri Rhodes

We also offer other painting finishes,such as antique silver, metallic gold, ivory, and warm wood (pictured), to name a few. We are happy to work with you to create the painted finish that you require, within our capabilities. Relatively simple multi-color paint schemes are possible, for up to 3 colors.