Mountain View Studios Inc.

      Mold Making

Molding and casting a crayon dog by Nashville artist Herb Williams. The finished casting resides at the NYU Medical Center.

The artist Herb Williams with the finished piece.

We understand that every resin casting we produce from your original sculpture needs to be an exact and detailed replica. That is our focus: we produce highly-detailed castings that are exact replicas of your artwork.

We are proud of every casting that leaves our facility because we, as artists ourselves, understand the time and emotional investment you have in your work.. We translate this investment into every casting, through care and attention to detail that your customers will appreciate and value.

We use the highest-quality white urethane resin for our castings. This material produces excellent results and is very easy to sand and paint. It is hard and durable, yet flexible when heated. Stainless steel wire supports within the resin can further enhance stability and prevent warping of legs on animal and other sculptures. Minimal seam lines are smoothed and each piece is inspected before shipping.

We offer solid or hollow (roto-cast) resin castings. We would be happy to help you decide which option is best for your sculpture.

No minimum order requirements. You may order any number of castings from your mold(s) at any time. Simply use our Order Form and we will email you an invoice to pay before your order is processed.

Resin Casting

Making a mold of your artwork is a form of art in itself. It involves painstaking attention to detail, an eye for knowing how to best accomplish the sculptures' form in rubber, and the technical knowledge to create the cleanest castings possible.

Each mold we make is based on your sculpture's individual size, shape, and contour. The best technique for your sculpture is then executed.

Our techniques are based on solid experience and the need to meet each sculptures' individual challenges. We use the best silicone mold rubber available in the market today, to capture every detail and yield large numbers of castings, usually 50-75 per mold.

Our pricing for mold making is based on each sculpture's size and complexity. We encourage you to email or call us for a quote on your specific work of art. We are willing to offer discounts for multiple molds done at the same time.