Mountain View Studios Inc.

our history

We strive to help artists and entrepreneurs reach their goals and achieve their dreams. 

Feb 1998- Sheri becomes a stay-at-home mom and starts painting model horses to supplement the family income. Mountain View Studios is born!


Feb 2003 – Will quits his day job to start molding and casting full-time, after years of dabbling in silicone and other casting projects.


Sept 2004 – The company and family moves from Utah to Tennessee.

June 2008 - MVS moves into a newly-built facility with new equipment and processes.

Feb 2016- An additional 750 sq ft of work space is added-on to the shop. 

Jan 2017- Technology upgrades further improve our  scheduling, work flow processes, and productivity. 

Feb. 2018 - Celebrating our 20th year in business!


Will & Sheri Rhodes

Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA!

Our pledge

Mission + Vision

Throughout our 21 years of marriage, Will and I have built a company by simply doing what we love. The love of art, the love of horses, and the deep satisfaction of helping other artists share their artwork with so many people. Doing what we love, and doing it together, strengthens our resolve to continue in this business for years to come. 

Sheri J. Rhodes

It’s amazing what we can do together.

Our talented staff members are dedicated to creating the best castings possible. 

Mountain View Studios Inc. has been providing high-quality and on-time moldmaking and resin casting services since 2002. We consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, with a high percentage of our business coming from repeat customers.

We provide artists an inexpensive way to reproduce their artwork, opposed to the high cost of creating bronzes. We also provide companies with a faster and more convenient alternative to sending their smaller-number production runs to overseas manufacturers. We can also duplicate prototypes that have been created by means of stereolithography or 3-D printing.

MVS, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Utah, as Sheri Rhodes’ art studio, providing painting services for the model horse hobby. After Sheri began sculpting, Will took an interest in casting her pieces, and developed a molding technique that is highly unique and creates better castings than standard molding techniques. Soon, other artist’s were requesting his services. We have grown substantially since then, adding a dedicated and talented staff, and moving into a new 1800 sq. ft. facility in 2008. We now provide not only molding and casting services, but painting and finishing services, as well as offering custom trophies and awards.

Each step of casting is performed by people who won’t miss the little details that matter. Some members of our staff also have military backgrounds, with a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to serving our customers.

We have a multiple-step inspection process to ensure that any problems will be caught and corrected before your order is shipped. Having a professional artist on-staff ensures the most detailed inspections possible. It is very important to us to only ship the very best quality castings, rather than ship everything and then replace any rejects when you unpack them. As a result of this policy, we have a very low rate of rejected castings.

Our team